Fjord Cruise

Experience Norway’s magnificent glacial pathways by boat.

Board our beautiful sailboat and experience the deep blue waters and breathtaking scenery of the fjords just as the original Norwegian travelers did. Norway’s uniquely sculpted mountains are sliced through by its famous fjords and for many years these magical waterways were the only way to connect the towns and villages up and down the country’s coastline.


Travel to Geiranger through the fjords, close and personal to the waterfalls and steep cliffs that border the waterway all the way to the ultimate fjord destination. The majestic fjords are the perfect waterway to get to the planet's deepest and most renowned fjord – the Geirangerfjord. Hop on our boat and sail away along the planet's most extraordinary mountain and ocean views, across Storfjord, Synnylvsfjord, passing all the extraordinary landmarks, fjord farms, cliffs, and cliffs and waterfalls, to arrive at Geiranger.

Go back in time as you thread your own path through the spectacular waterways of the fjords just as the original Norwegian explorers did. Geirangerfjord is one of the deepest fjords in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Travel the way of the old explorers, comfortably, by sea, in sight of the most spectacular scenery to Hjørundfjord. In fjordland, the shortest route is often the seaway, with unique views and adventures. Sail away through Storfjord and navigate to the ultimate geological gem of the planet – Hjørundfjord. We will make a stop in Trandal, where refreshments and the coolest infinity swing in Norway will be waiting for you.

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