Fjord fishing

Our cold winter waters produce the most delicious seafood.

Norway and the deep waters of our beautiful protected fjords are home to some of the most succulent and best-tasting shellfish in the world. We are proud to say we fish it locally, sustainably, and in our traditional, low-pressure way and we can’t wait for you to join us on one of our unique and memorable fishing trips into the fjords.

Fish on some of the oldest fishing grounds known to humankind, experience the joys, expectations, and quiet moments of introspection of a day’s fishing in the fjords, with friends or alone. How many opportunities does one have of harvesting short-traveled delicacies into one’s plate? The fjord bathing the center of Ålesund is a millennial cod fishing grounds literally in sight of the town. Along the fjords and up the mountains there will be opportunities for high-quality short-traveled harvesting; by your hand or ours, this harvesting can make it onto your plate, at our restaurants. In Ålesund we take our fish very seriously, our city was built around its commerce, so to follow us on a little fishing trip in the fjord is to experience Norway as we do.