The Fjords

Known for its scenic views and cultural heritage, exploring the fjords is an adventure of a lifetime.

Nowhere else in the world will you find such majestic mountains raise up from beautiful narrow fjords. Our hotels is the perfect starting point to explore the spectacular Hjørundfjord and Geirangerfjord.


From Ålesund and our hotels you are close to some of Norway's most beautiful fjords. Exploring Hjørundfjord and Geirangerfjord is an amazing excursion by car. Drive through stunning fjord landscapes with views of majestic mountains raise from deep fjords. Spectacular valleys and the Norwegian fjords has an exciting history and is important for our cultural heritage. 


Experiencing the fjords by boat is a magical adventure. From Ålesund and our hotels we offer private boat trips to explore the secluded and breathtaking fjords. Our captain makes the journey safe and even educational telling stories known among the locals. Get up close to spectacular waterfalls, historical fjord farms and non-explored nature not to be found anywhere else. Boat trip to the fjords is a perfect daytrip but also a scenic transfer between our hotels as a roundtrip.


Get close to nature with Deep Sea Rafting. Explore the amazing wildlife in an open fast going RIB. Fill your water bottle directly from the waterfalls in the middle of the fjord and be amazed by steep mountain walls raise from the deep fjords. Ålesund Town and Hotel Brosundet is the perfect starting point for a RIB adventure. The activity is an exciting transfer from Hotel Brosundet and Ålesund Town Centre to Hotel Union Øye. Perfect for a daytrip or as a roundtrip including an overnight stay at the hotel.


Explore the spectacular fjords by helicopter. The dramatic scenery is an amazing sight from the air. With only 30 minutes’ flight time you get to see the most beautiful nature including mountains and fjords. All our hotels offer helicopter transfer and sightseeing. Such a fun activity or exciting transfer betwwen our hotels for a roundtrip,


Paddle the fjords is such a great experience. The feeling of the steep mountains raise from the deep fjords is equally beautiful as paddling around Art Nouveau Town Ålesund. Kayak is the perfect way to explore the beautiful nature. All our hotels offer kayak to rent for guests. We provide helpful tips for self paddlers and guided trips on request.


Biking is a beautiful way to explore the fjords. All our hotels offer bikecycles to rent for guests. Explore on your own but also know that our hotels offer guided tours for guests on request.

Our hotels is the perfect starting point for daytrips to the fjords. But did you know that they are suitable for a roundtrip? Whay not spend a night at each hotel. The transfer is an adventure on its own. 

After a day exploring taking we recommend taking it all in by the fireplace at our family owned hotels. Enjoy a well-deserved dinner made of the finest local produce accompanied by a selection on great wines or local beers. Enjoy conversations with the locals and fellow adventurers and get inspired in the most beautiful surroundings. After a good night sleep you will wake up to stunning views of the surrounding nature and after breakfast you are ready for new adventures.