Deep sea rafting

sightseeing trip

Deep-sea rafting in our zodiac RIB is an unforgettable adventure. In Summer you can join our daily departures or book a private trip all year round.

Our RIBS are available to go out to the open sea to look for wildlife in the outer islands, or delve deep in to the fjords to explore the most secluded fjord farms, waterfalls and spectacular mountain peaks.

18. June - 21. August 2022 kl. 10.30

Deep-sea rafting

Ticket NOK 800 per person.

Daily departures from Ålesund Town centre. An hour trip which is weather depended. This trip will take you to explore our beautiful fjords.

Deep-sea rafting

Don’t worry about your comfort on this adventure: you will be given thermally isolated flotation suits, for warmth and safety, and goggles before entering the boat. Our zodiacs are the safest, most comfortable and fastest available. Nothing beats this experience in terms of excitement in the rugged Nordic open sea.

Fjord adventure

A trip to the fjords is a magical experience. Get close and personal with our spectacular waterfalls and our majestic mountains cliffs, on a zodiac RIB trip through the most secluded and narrow fjords. 

The journey

There is no need to be skeptical about our high-speed boats, our journeys are suitable for everyone. Our captains will make sure that it will be your enjoyment that will define the travel speed. The only scream we want from you is of sheer joy, from being splashed with salt water. 

The highlight of the day? – To make fifty year old men scream like a fourteen year old.

Christian Remøy - Captain

What to wear Comfortable shoes, cap and gloves.
Please note You need to be taller than 140 cm to be allowed to join the activity. Also, the trip may be cancelled due to weather conditions, Runde is one of the outer islands and may be battered by the sea.
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