A luxury retreat in Fall

​Spectacular landscapes, mindful surroundings, and some good old-fashioned peace and quiet — that’s the call of the Norwegian Fjords. ​In Storfjord Hotel time slows down to wait for you.

Imagine a hotel literally made of the forest of Norway, and then shaped meticulously by our years of experience on the exquisite sophistication of luxury travel. It is a place to marvel at the uniqueness of Norway, facing the deep fjord, facing the steep mountains, rediscovering your own self. Storfjord Hotel is classic sophisticated luxury cradled by the forests of Fjord-land.

Day 1

As you look through the window arriving Ålesund Airport Vigra you will soon understand why this is named as the most beautiful in-flights in Norway. Small town Ålesund and the Sunnmøre region is known for its untouched and spectacular nature, secluded fjords and majestic mountain tops. Explore our region in Fall and you will be rewarded with brilliant fall colours, the constantly changing fjord lights, and migrating wildlife.

You will be greeted with a warm welcome at the airport and the comfort of a luxury car transfer, guided by our personal driver to Storfjord Hotel.

The hotel is hand-build, with a passion for detail, in the traditional, time-proven, “laftehytte” Norwegian-style. The same massive logs that speak of rugged forest on the outside, speak of cradled comfort on the inside. A place so magical you’ll catch yourself deep into the lost art of staring at the wall, your imagination unwrapping all the little Nordic secrets of deep forests and countless seasons on those wooden knots and veins. 

Check in to your spacious and luxurious room and find rest in the softest bed with views of the fjord or surrounding woodlands.

Day 2

When the leaves turn to the colors of wine and saffron and the air takes on that familiar, crisp feel and scent of autumn, we long for a getaway that lets us enjoy the outdoors. And there’s no better way to see the lay of the land than perched atop a beautiful horse. Enjoy an unforgettable equestrian experiences with a guided tour to explore our surroundings.

Where the hotel meets the forest you will find our wellness area. Inside you’ll untie the knots in your brain, discard the soreness on your muscles, wash your laboriously accumulated stress away. Imagine the soft touch of Nordic raindrops on your face, your body immersed in the warm silence of our outdoor jacuzzi and choose your favourite on our list of spa treatments and enjoy this time of deep inner peace.

For dinner a private transfer will take you to Ålesund town and one of the best restaurants in town. The restaurant is located in an old warehouse where you enjoy a menu based on local produce which is easy to share. We recommend to try the Chef´s personal tasting menu inspired by local food traditions from the Sunnmøre region in combination with inspiration gathered from all over the world. Ålesund being Ålesund, you may witness the chef opening the window to buy fresh prawns directly from the local fishing boats. Just the way we like it.

Day 3

When visiting the north-west coats of Norway, a trip to the fjords is a must. And this is the day to explore our two fjords adventure. From Storfjord Hotel the hotel boat and our captain will guide you through UNESCO World Heritage Site Geirangerfjord. Visit the spectacular waterfalls and the historical fjord farms on the way to the fjord hamlet of Geiranger and onwards to fjord village Hellesylt. 

For lunch our vintage car will drive you from Hellesylt through one of Norways most beautiful valleys to the secluded fjord village Øye. In Hotel Union Øye the unwritten rule is your personal pleasure. The chef will present you a gourmet 2- course lunch with seasonal local products, for you to enjoy in our dining room with the charm of old-school luxury.

Take in the views that will stay with you for a lifetime.

When the evening falls you will find rest in front of the open fireplace at Storfjord Hotel. Enjoy the conversations between fellow travellers and take in the quiet ambience as you gather your thoughts and impressions of the day gone by. When hungry our chef bends time and warps space to procure the best local seafood, produce and game, on a quest to make each of your meals an uncompromising experience into fine gourmet Nordic dining. Our aim is that the memory of Storfjord Hotel will reside forever on your taste buds.

Day 4

Be ready to explore Sunnmøre with its deep fjords and high peeks from a bird’s-eye view. With the hotels private helicopter we will take you to an exploration of the most breathtaking sites in the Sunnmøre region. With amazing views of glaciers, fjords, endless ocean, mountains and landmarks we will give you life long memories.

As part of the journey we will stop at the remote island Flatflesa for amazing seafood and shellfish, harvested at the island by the chefs themselves, accompanied by selected drinks. Explore this remote private island and experience a significant part of our coastal history. 

Safe back at the hotel we will invite you to explore the surrounding woodlands of the hotel. Follow the path to our tipi and enjoy an outdoor aperitif before having dinner at the hotel. 

Day 5

Start your morning with a gourmet breakfast and enjoy our handpicked selection of local delicacies. Your coffee tastes even better in front of the open fire with views of the Storfjord. This is the day to explore small town Ålesund, our beautiful coastline and the open sea. And a long and healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day.

Art Nouveau Town Ålesund is located only 30 minutes from the hotel and is named as one of the worlds most beautiful small ports by National Geographic because of its high concentration of Art Nouveau buildings.

After a guided tour of Ålesund you will meet up with our captain and get ready for a wildlife sea safari adventure. This can be, doubtlessly, the most exciting way to get close to the Nordic open sea. Expect to have your trip enriched by the stories of local adventures your captain will be telling. These shores and islands have seen enough to fill books and your memories. 

The salty waters of the open sea and fresh air makes you hungry. So a stop at a remote island for lunch is a welcoming treat. The restaurant at Skothomen island is a gourmet seafood restaurant with unforgettable views. As soon as you set foot at Skotholmen Chef Magnus will be there to meet you. You will instantly understand his love for this magical place. Fresh sea produce from the surrounding open sea that laps at the doorstep of the restaurant, this will be an unforgettable Nordic culinary experience.

Back at the hotel you will find time and rest and enjoy our slow life surroundings for the last night of your adventure. Sink into a chair covered with the softest sheepskins and take in the views of the Storfjord, listen to the sounds of nature as you gaze into the warm open fire. Cuddle up in front of a puzzle or find a book that inspires you from our owner‘s handpicked selection in the bookshelves. Just let your mind run free and disconnect in the comfort of our personal service and care.

Day 6

As your enjoy the morning coffee in bed and think of memories collected we hope you will carry them with you long after you are safe back home. This is the day to say good bye for now and hopefully see you soon. There is something magic of the changes in the seasons and in Norway we are lucky to have four of them. We hope you are inspired to return in a different season and experience how beautifully everything changes, but Fall might be your favourite one. 

Our private car awaits and will drive you safely to Ålesund Airport Vigra for onwards travel.


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