Beaded Daisy chain bracelet

Honestly, is there anything happier than daisies?

There are pretty Daisys all over the place this Spring and we got inspired to make our own bracelet. We love the simplicity of thin, delicate jewellery and these makes us oh-so happy. The fun part is that they are very easy to make and perfect for your Spring wardrobe. 

This is what you need:

  • silk thread or any suitable tread of your choice
  • beads in your preferred colour(s)
  • a needle and pliers is handy
  • jewellery clasp

How to make it:

1. Fasten the jewellery clasp to the string and thread the number of peals you prefer as distance between the Daisy flowers.

2. Make the flower. Thread on a few seed beads. Then, you'll add the daisy petal colours and form the top half portion of the flower. Add the center bead. Take the needle and thread it through the 1st coloured bead, towards the knot. Pull the thread all the way through. Add on three more beads. Then, take the needle and thread it through the last coloured bead, before your center bead. This should be going in the direction opposite of the start of the bracelet. Pull the thread all the way, forming the daisy. 

3. Keep on threading until suitable length of your bracelet and fasten the second part of the jewellery clasp at the end.

We love mixing multiple bracelets together, both with and without flowers. Set your creativity free and make it suit your own personality.  

Happy Spring.