Historical Hotel Union Øye to be remodeled and upgraded to the highest standards

Sunnmøre, January 2021

There’s a little hotel in the end of the world - Hotel Union Øye – which has been the chosen stay of kings and queens, mountaineers and explorers, since 1891.

It has been, for almost one century and a half, synonym of luxurious quiet and introspective seclusiveness, cradled between the rugged mountains in the small hamlet of Øye, where the fjord of Norang ends its sea-faring adventures. It is one of the most precious jewels of our portfolio, at 62°NORD Hotels & Adventures - powered by the Flakk Group. When its strategic tourism project was initiated in 2004, the Flakk Group established as its natural charter the creation of unique bespoke experiences targeted to the discerning traveler – and laboriously worked to compile a unique constellation of hotels, cars, boats, helicopters, molded to the provision of the exclusive activities that only Norway’s nature can provide, as a means to attract the high-end travelers – both nationally and internationally.

The enormous challenges the world is facing with 2020’s pandemic have not stopped the Flakk Group from the pursuit of its charter of superlative quality, and the high-end tourism market has validated this pursuit by allowing us to file a positive result for this year’s business, namely through a record seasonal occupancy on Hotel Union Øye. The Flakk Group, a project owned by the namesake family, has already invested more than 500 million NOK over the last decade and half, and is now ready to further invest in the tasteful renewal, upgrade and expansion of its cornerstone historical hotel.

The Hotel Union Øye has been the living breath of this little community. Since we - at 62°NORD Hotels & Adventures – added it to our portfolio, we have been grateful to see it become a magnet not only for discerning travelers but also for the families who chose to move to Øye thanks to the increased employment opportunities granted by the Hotel’s operations. 62ºNORD Hotels & Adventures is focused on ethical development of the community, based on the tenants of modern Geotourism – we know that without Norway’s unique nature and proportionally small footprint, the sustainability of our long-term high-quality project will be challenged. The present renewal, upgrade and expansion process of Hotel Union Øye will focus on the proverbial Norwegian frugality and focus on design, while keeping its soul and historical value; we never forget that the exquisite feeling of being at home while away has been a key quality that has made recurrent friends of our international guests for almost a century and a half.

The hotel will be upgraded over a period of 2 years, with an ultimate increase of capacity from 29 to 46 rooms. In 2021, three new Suites will be added to the original main building. The remaining added capacity will come as a cluster of separate Villas, which will be ready in 2022. All changes planned will be of the highest standard on new-built areas, as on the upgrades, both in interior and exterior spaces. The planned development will include a greenhouse, a palm garden, a library, a game-room, a traditional barn adapted to events, garages, helipad, as well as a beautiful landscaped garden of 4.300 m2, which will include walking paths, gazebo, an outdoor kitchen and a pond – this outdoor area is expected to be completed by 2022. We expect to invest 150 – 200 million NOK in this upgrade of the existing main house to the new high standards plus in the development and expansion of these new areas.

62ºNORD Hotels & Adventures, under the guidance of the Flakk Group, has been keenly focused on strengthening Norway’s position in the canvas of high-end international tourism, through a unique portfolio of exclusive activities and unrepeatable traveling experiences. Due to the high booking demand, we will keep the hotel open between June and September of 2021.

We expect to welcome you after our grand opening - when this exclusive project is completed by May 2022.