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The scenery in Hjørundfjord will easily take your breath away, your brain playing the first chords of Grieg’s Peer Gynt, frolicking beyond the trees and in sight of the dramatic peaks. Norwegians love this mountain range – the Alps of Sunnmøre – in the very Norwegian way of getting out and getting up to the tops. Come up with us, come check the roof of our beautiful planet. 

For guests at our hotels we offer hiking trips with a private guide. Your trip will be designed for your comfort, weather conditions and special requests. We hope you will be inspires by our favorite hikes.

Mount Slogen 1564 masl

The grand peak of mount Slogen rises out of the fjord and the garden of Hotel Union Øye. The famous mountaineering pioner Slyngsby named it as the prettiest peak in Norway and for many Norwegians a favourite hike among all hikes in Norway. The view from the top will literally take your breath away. It is certainly a peak which is equally attractive to experts and novices alike. In the bookshelf at Hotel Union Øye you will find The Climbers Book. Here you can read about the very first climbing routes of famous mountaineering pioneers as they were discovering the peaks of the majestic Sunnmøre Alps for the first time.

Hotel Union Øye starting point Øye
Slogen 1564 masl

Slogen hike from Hotel Union Øye

Level: Extreme

Season: June to September

Lenght: 3,7 km one way

Duration: 4-5 hours

Roundtrip Urkeegga 1021 masl

Urkeegga is our favorite roundtrip in the fjords. On this hike you will enjoy two mountain peaks Klokkskollen og Maudekollen. Still known as a hidden gem you will be stunned by the panoramic views of the peak panorama of the Sunnmøre Alps and the secluded Hjørundfjord during the whole trip. Be prepared to spend a lot of time posing, you will take a lot of photos for sure. You will follow a path the whole trip and even with such spectacular views, the hike is not too airy and do not require any climbing.

Myrsætra starting point
Maudekollen 1021 masl
Klokksegga 944 masl

Urkeegga hike

Level: Hard

Season: June to October

Length: 9,2 km roundtrip

Duration: 6 hours

Mount Saksa 1073 masl

Saksa "The Sissors" is named after the shape of the peak when you see it from Øye. This is one of the lower peaks in Hjørundfjord which means you can hike it snow free already in June, which make it one of the most popular in hikes in the area. Mount Saksa has three tops and the path from Urke takes you to the south summit where you will be rewarded with the most amazing view. On your way to the top we recommend a short stop at Bentebu for a quick rest and great photos.

Urke starting point
Saksa 1073 masl

Saksa hike from Urke

Level: Medium

Season: May to October

Lenght: 3,5 km one way

Duration 3-4 hours

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