The journey beyond

As you arrive Ålesund Airport Vigra you will be pleased to meet a friendly face at the airport. Just a short transfer later you will find yourself mesmerised in front of what may be the largest fireplace you´ve ever seen. You can easily spend hours gazing into the flames, while sipping a glass of wine leaving all stress from everyday life behind. 

Hotel Brosundet in Ålesund Town is the first stop of your journey, a contemporary designer boutique hotel which instantly makes you feel like home. 

Your room is delicate, a spacious suite with views of the canal. All shared spaces are inviting and you will be inspired by the curated art on the walls before heading out to explore town. 


Ålesund is one of the worlds most beautiful small ports.

Art Nouveau Town Ålesund is known for its beautiful architecture and direct access to the fjords and open sea. 

You can paddle kayak in the middle of the town centre, or maybe you prefer a SUP sightseeing with your take away coffee? Ålesund is the home of world award winning Coffee Roastery Jacu, make sure to bring a cup from Hotel Brosundet.

Hike the 418 steps to Fjellstua view point with our local guide, and take in the splendid panorama at the top. Did you know that the changing fjord lights has inspired countless of artists and designers? We recommend a visit to KHÅK art gallery and The Art Nouveau Centre.

After a day in town you probably will long for a drink and great conversations with the locals. Arkivet Bar is located in Apotekergata No. 5. The curated wine list, vintage cocktails and and selection of liquor and beers is known as the best in town. Sharing the same address you will also find Restaurant Apotekergata No. 5. The topographic menu is such an amazing experience and the perfect ending of a beautiful day. 

Apotekergata No. 5

A topographic dining experience at a well known address.

The old warehouse Apotekergata No. 5 has today become a restaurant, a foodbar and a cocktailbar – and for the sunny days; a barge where you can enjoy local seafood.

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Start your morning with the smell of homemade bread in the kitchen like surroundings of the hotel. The town is waking up to a brand new day and you can feel the excitement as you see the hotel boats outside the window. It is time to go exploring and our Wildlife Sea Safari is the perfect combination of adrenalin, sightseeing and storytelling.

Wildlife Sea Safari  

Dressed up in a warm suit and goggles your deep sea rafting adventure begins. Visit a seal colony and the birds and puffins at Runde Island. Listen to stories told by our captain and feel the wind in your face. We recommend to make the most of your trip with a cultural stop at Devoldfabrikken and a remote lunch experience at Skotholmen island.

The Sunnmøre region is probably one of the best areas in the world for helicopter adventures. Sightseeing by helicopter should be on everyones bucket list while visiting. Your ride from Devoldfabrikken to Hotel Union Øye takes you above majestic mountain peaks and through the secluded and stunning Hjørundfjord.

Ålesund Town
Devoldfabrikken culture and shopping
Runde Island wildlife sea safari
Skotholmen Island lunch spot
Hotel Union Øye     

Hotel Union Øye   

In the village of Øye by the Norangsfjord you will find one of the most distinct hotels in all of Europe. It has been a place where visitors come to savour the good life and the tranquility in magnificent surroundings since 1891.

As you take in the ambience of your room, all rooms are individual designed, you will be amazed by the historical details. Named after notables who have stayed here you will be inspired by famous writers, mountaineers, artist and royals. Enjoy a meal in the beautiful dining room and listen to exciting stories from times gone by, told by the fireplace after dinner. Fall asleep in the comfortable bed, fit for a King or Queen, before waking up to a new day. 

A day of adventure in the Norwegian Fjords

Do as the Norwegians and find peace and recreation in nature. Paddle the fjords in our kayaks and explore surrounding woodlands, valleys, mountain roads and paths on a bike. Maybe you prefer a hike to clear your mind or will enjoy a strenius hike to majestic mountain tops. Follow your local guides, they will show you views that will blow your mind.

Take a rest, light a bonfire and we will prepare an outdoor lunch like the locals. This part of the adventure is a favorite for many.


Your journey continues from Hotel Union Øye through one of Norways most spectacular fjords, the Hjørundfjord, to Storfjord Hotel. Guided by our captain you will learn about fjord life with its beauty and struggles, and you will easily understand why we love our home as much as we do. 

Visit an authentic fjord farm

Meet the charming couple who lives by the Storfjord in fjord village Glomset. Local food tradtitions is beeing protected as they hunt, grow, bake and fish everything they produce and serve at the farm.

A slow life hideaway

Storfjord Hotel   

Behind the handcrafted log walls awaits an experience you will not find anywhere else. A luxury retreat located on a hillside with views of the Storfjord and the Sunnmøre Alps.

Travelling is all about meeting new people as well as spending time with the ones you love. To learn about a destinations success and challenges, kindness and soul. Throughout your journey you will meet the locals and make new friends. You will learn about the Norwegian way of living and exchange knowledge. As you sit down for breakfast the last day of your journey you might feel that you never want to leave. Many say their best sleep has been at Storfjord Hotel, making it very hard to leave your bed.  

Why bother with a boring transfer if you can enjoy it on a boat. Make the most out of your last day by exploring the coastal landscape surrounding Ålesund. 

The perfect send off

If ever good bye could be a good thing it must be as a part of a lighthouse adventure. An impressive seafood lunch is served in rustic surroundings accompanied with fresh air and ocean sounds. Make sure to take some deep breaths of fresh air before your journey continues to onwards destinations.

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Highest mountain masl 1 999
Longest fjord km 33
Number of people currently living 145 167