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Travel design & booking

Lisa Klock Urtegård

Sales manager MICE

Gareth Brauteseth

International sales director

Activities & guides

Helge Kvam Karbø

Head of activities

Helge is our Head of Activities. He works night and day to create unforgettable experiences for both the guests and the guides. Helge is a trained nature guide and instructor in both summer and winter activities.

Sol Idland


Sol is a cheerful mountain lover with a big heart for the Sunnmore Alps. These mountains and fjords have been her playground and office for a decade. In addition to enormous hiking and skiing experience, Sol has a bachelor's degree in Outdoor Activities and Nature Guiding, from Volda University. She is currently studying at NORTIND (certifies mountain guides under the IFMGA's International mountain guide system) to become a certified ski guide in Norway.

Sigrid Håndlykken


Sigrid is an outgoing and welcoming nature enthusiast who is an educated nature guide from Volda University, in addition to being a certified kayak instructor. On a trip with her, the main goals are mastery, joy, and presence in nature.

Øystein Lønsethagen


Øystein is a passionate mountain lover, with a penchant for steep peaks. Øystein has an education as a nature guide and is currently writing his bachelor's degree in Volda University.

Gyrid Fosse


Gyrid spends most of her spare time and working hours on the water, as a surfer. She is a trained nature guide from Volda University and is also a certified kayak instructor.

Marketing & press


General manager