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Devoldfabrikken is an historical landmark and a significant part of our region’s industrial history.

Ole Andreas Devold, founder of Devoldfabrikken, started his own textile factory in 1853. Devold wool garments have been worn by many of the world’s most famous adventurers: Fritjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen wore Devold in their adventures. This is an innovative and functional wool clothing of the highest quality and several of its designs have become iconic for Norwegians. Devoldfabrikken is the home to the brands headquarter, design and business development. 

Knut Flakk and family - our owners - were inspired to create 62ºNORD when the production of Devold wool products was internationalized – this industrial space was thus redesigned as a hub for culture and inspiration, a melting pot of artists, craftsmen, speckled with boutique shops and cozy eateries.

Designer boutiques & outlets

Yes, of course you will find Devold clothes in their brand store at Devoldfabrikken. To buy clothes at the outlet is a long standing local tradition, an opportunity to get the best garments at the best prices. At Devoldfabrikken you will find a curated selection outlet boutiques along with tasteful designer shops. If you are fond of Scandinavian design you will definitely enjoy shopping here, in sight of the beautiful surroundings. Devoldfabrikken is home to a rich and long history, that you will find in all of its corners.

Devold museum

Devold Museum celebrates the history of Norway's oldest knitwear manufacturer; come and learn about our 162 years of textile history. The museum has free entrance. 

Celsius Glas Studio

Be sure to stop by Celsius Glass Studio and talk to our talented resident artist Cornelia. Once in her colorful workshop, you will step into the amazing world of glass-blowing. You can watch the glass-blowing process and learn about the craftsmanship. The work displayed on the shelfs – Cornelia’s art work – is there for your pleasure and it can be bought to take home.

Inger K Giskeødegård

The famous illustrator Inger K. Giskeødegård’s studio is in Devoldfabrikken. "My art ranges from small newspaper drawings to very large formats, walls… " says the artist. Please contact Devoldfabrikken to make a studio appointment.

Wood art

Woodturner Eyvind does much more than traditional woodturned pieces, such as dishes and bowls. He also designs cufflinks, candlesticks, salt and pepper mills, bottle openers and shaving tools. "In the workshop I have some 150 different types of wood from all over the world, with different colors and structures" says Eyvind. His charming shop at Devoldfabrikken is well worth a visit.

OH Design Forge

You will find the welder Odd Harald on the forge at Devoldfabrikken. The well-preserved forge from the 1920’s works is still working as well today as it did when it was used to repair parts and machinery for the factory. Odd Harald is a creative spirit with a rare talent, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design.

Art Building Forge

You may meet our blacksmith Peter, as he often visits the old forge. He’s working strictly with fire, coal, air and metal, the traditional way, Devoldfabrikken is his working place of election. "In the times we live in now, it’s particularly important that we do not forget the traditional crafts", says Peter. Come and see his craftmanship, it is an exciting and educational experience. 


Did you know that Norway’s largest scale model railway is to be found at Devoldfabrikken? Devoldbanen is an impressive sight with an incredible number of beautiful sceneries and details. Devoldbanen is built by local enthusiasts, the Pensen’s Friends Club. They have shared the same hobby for over 30 years, and have 1000 square meters of space at their disposal in the factory. These friends meet several times a week to create and share new ideas. Devoldbanen is open the last Saturday every month. Entrance fee kr 50,- ( 0-3 years free)


Express boat from Ålesund town centre to Devoldfabrikken – 7 minutes.