Wildlife Sea Safari  

Wildlife Sea Safari is probably our most popular adventure as it is the perfect combination of adrenaline, sightseeing and storytelling in the fjords. In Summer you can join our daily departures or book a private trip all year round.

In Summer and Autumn we offer daily departures from Ålesund Town. All year you can book a private trip with our boats. The capacity for each boat is 12 people.

We will provide you thermal suits, for warmth and safety, and goggles before entering the boat. Our zodiac boats are considered the safest, most comfortable and fastest available. This can be, doubtlessly, the most exciting way to get close to the Nordic open sea. Expect to have your trip enriched by the stories of local adventures your captain will be telling. These shores and islands have seen enough to fill books and your memories. Bring your camera, this trip will bring you to one of the most unique sceneries in the planet. We will visit a seal colony, as well as Runde Island, known for its eagles and puffins. Runde Bird Sanctuary is home for over 500 000 birds and the tour of the island by sea is a remarkable experience you will cherish forever. In special weather conditions, it may be possible to visit some of the mountain caves around the island.

Ålesund Town departure and arrival
Alnes Lighthouse
Grasøyane seal colony
Runde Lighthouse
Runde bird sanctuary home of the Puffins

There is no need to be skeptical about our high-speed boats, our journeys are suitable for everyone. Our captains will make sure that it will be your enjoyment that will define the travel speed. The only scream we want from you is of sheer joy, from being splashed with salt water. 

What to wear Comfortable shoes, cap and gloves.
Please note We have a 10 years age limit to join the activity. Also, the trip may be cancelled due to weather conditions, Runde is one of the outer islands and may be battered by the sea.