A truly phenomenal travel experience is not complete without phenomenal food.

You can feel when a kitchen or restaurant is a house or a local community's heart and soul. Led by our artisan Chefs we have a clear mission to honour our destination's cultural heritage, support our producers, and commit to serving healthy and sustainable food in all our restaurants.

Ålesunds fish packing district

The world's best seafood fresh from our waters.

How many opportunities does one have for harvesting short-traveled delicacies on one’s plate? The fjord bathing the center of Ålesund is a millennial cod fishing ground literally in sight of the town. Along the fjords and up the mountains there will be opportunities for high-quality short-traveled harvesting; by your hand or ours, this harvesting can make it onto your plate, at our restaurants. In Ålesund we take our fish very seriously, our city was built around its commerce, and we are sure if you taste it you will love it as much as we do.

Sourced from our gardens

The gardens at our properties are a treasured part of our kitchens and home to sustainably sourced and organically-grown produce. Our homegrown and seasonal staples result in a delicious and conscious farm to table approach which is better for both us and the planet. 

Foraged from the forest

You will often find our Chefs in nature foraging to be inspired and to harvest seasonal wild produce. You can taste it in our signature cocktails and refreshments, servings in our restaurants, and snacks and seasoning in our small plate servings. 

Proud partner of local producers

The inspiration and personality of the menus in our restaurants change with the seasons and reflect the availability of produce from local suppliers. This allows us to support local farmers and treat our guests with a genuine taste of the region. We emphasize sustainable practices, from how we cut vegetables to minimize food waste to our menus showcasing and promoting the producers. Among our partners are Havsnø, known for its artisanal salt from Aukra, Silver Seafood for the best langoustine and seafood, Samundegarden for local meat, free ranged eggs from Sunnmørsegg, and Jacu our local coffee roastery providing exquisite coffee. 

Cider from the fjords

Nestled within the breathtaking fjords of Norway, in the Sunnmøre region, lies Skarbø Gard, an apple and cider farm that is a testament to the harmony of tradition and craftsmanship. This is where we produce our very own apple cider Fjordgull which is available at all our properties. Owned by Kristine and Carlos, Skarbø Gard is not just any farm; it's an institution that carries the legacy of eight generations. The farm itself is one of the oldest in the area, with a history of more than 1,000 years of continuous cultivation and habitation. This longevity is not just a number; it's a reflection of the sustainable practices and deep respect for nature that have been passed down through generations. The land stretches from the serene fjord up to the summer farm in the mountains giving the apples an especially great taste. Enjoy our Fjordgull cider chilled in our gardens, as a pairing to servings in our restaurants, or as a nightcap in front of the fireplace.

Champagne Bollinger Ambassador

As a family-owned business, we are proud that our restaurants are the sole Bollinger ambassadors outside France – the world's last family-owned Champagne house. Since 1829, Champagne Bollinger has been renowned for producing bold, refined style and complex fruitiness wines, resulting from uncompromising quality supported by traditional craftsmanship and an exceptional vineyard. As a commitment to sustainability, Bollinger is a B-certified wine producer.

Storfjord Honey

The surrounding woods of Storfjord is home to our hives providing us with delicious fresh honey. They also help counter the dwindling bee population, and boost pollination — thus improving and enhancing the world’s food supply. Storfjord is a bee-friendly resort where you can slurp up hyper-local honey in a cocktail or tea, dip into it as dessert, nibble it swirled on pastries, or bring it home from our lobby shop.