Nils Flatmark, Executive Head Chef at Storfjord

Nils Flatmark is the reigning Norwegian champion in culinary arts, distinguished as the only Nordic chef with three gold medals in the Nordic Championships, including one 'winner overall' title. He is also the first to win the Nordic Green Chef of The Year Award.

 Nils is an active Norwegian national culinary team member, contributing to its successes with an overall gold at the 2020 Olympics and two category golds in 2024.

Nils' culinary philosophy is deeply rooted in seasonal ingredients, with a preference for Norwegian, locally produced, and organic produce. He is particularly interested in green, sustainable dishes and often spends his days off foraging in the forests around the hotel. For Nils, it is crucial to highlight Norwegian produce and producers through his culinary creations, as he considers the chef the foremost ambassador for local agriculture.


Nordic Green Chef of the Year Gold Winner 2023

Nordic Green Chef Gold winner 2023

Gordon Bleu Honour 2023 

Asko Norway Cup Gold Winner 2023

North Europe San Pellegrino Social Responsibility Award 2022

Norwegian Gold Winner in Culinary Arts 2022

Coach and Norwegian Gold winner Junior Chefs 2022

Nordic Green Chef of the Year Gold Winner 2023

Awarded Eureka Founding 2021

Awarded Sparebank 1 Talent Grant 2020 

Overall Olympic Gold Winner with the National Team 2020

Finalist San Pellegrino Social Young Chef Challenge 2019

Norwegian Young Chef of the Year 2019