Øyvind Tiller Head Chef at Sjøbua

Øivind Tiller is known for building several successful food concepts, mentioned by Forbes Magazine and Gold winner for Norway's best breakfast.

Øyvind is passionately interested in fish and shellfish and is inspired by the unique location of Sjøbua in Ålesund. With a father who was a manager at a fish factory, it was a firm tradition to have several fish meals every week and he thrives best on preparing good fish meals. 

Øivind is inspired by working with different producers and that you can follow the entire process from animal to product is inspiring. Sustainability is important and quality always trumps quantity. In addition to being a chef, Øivind is a trained beer sommelier and has an established collaboration as a product developer at Røroskjøtt. Together with Rørosbryggeriet, Autsman, Monkey Brew and Dahls, he has developed several types of beer. 

He has won gold in World Cheese Awards with Britannia Blå and achieved the specialist mark with both Britannia Blå and Nidelven Blå. Øivind is passionate about being able to offer guests a dining experience that you can't get anywhere else.