A slow life hideaway

Storfjord Hotel

Slow-life. Waiting for you. In Storfjord Hotel time slows down to wait for you.

More than a hotel in a forest of Norway, imagine a hotel literally made of the forest of Norway, and then shaped meticulously by our years of experience on the exquisite sophistication of luxury travel. It is a place to marvel at the uniqueness of Norway, facing the deep fjord, facing the steep mountains, rediscovering your own self. 

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The lodge

The hotel was hand-built, with a passion for detail, in the traditional, time-proven, “laftehytte” Norwegian-style. The same massive logs that speak of rugged forest on the outside, speak of cradled comfort on the inside. A place so magical you’ll catch yourself deep into the lost art of staring at the wall, your imagination unwrapping all the little Nordic secrets of deep forests and countless seasons on those wooden knots and veins. All rooms have their own unique spacious, and luxurious personality – come to your window, look outside… find the stillness of the fjord, the ridges of the mountains, the contours of the forest. All this will be yours. 

The surroundings

If you wish for more than contemplating the extraordinary view, you can hike, boat, fly, kayak, swim into the most exquisite natural scenery of the world, at our invitation. There are many hiking trails by the Hotel, or within 10 minutes of driving, the kayaks and boats are 5 minutes away in our private pier, and either in the forest or by the shore you’ll be experiencing fjord-land at its unique best.

The Fjords  

What you see from the windows of our lodge is one of the largest fjords in the region – Storfjord, in Norwegian, means “Big Fjord”. It widens a path to your right, calmly reaching for the sea while, to the left, bends east and turns south for a total of 110 km, ending in the tiny - but world-famous - hamlet of Geiranger. It is the 5thlargest fjord of Norway and arguably #1 in diversity and beauty. Our boats will be ready to take you on an unforgettable run of this corridor of sea framed by majestic mountains, a deeply moving Sunnmøre experience.

The mountains

The scenery surrounding Storfjord Hotel will easily take your breath away, your brain playing the first chords of Grieg’s Peer Gynt, frolicking beyond the trees and in sight of the dramatic peaks. Norwegians love this mountain range– the Alps of Sunnmøre – in the very Norwegian way of getting out and getting up to the tops. Come up with us, come check the roof of our beautiful planet.

For the foodies

Our chef bends time and warps space to procure the best local seafood, produce and game, on a quest to make each of your meals an uncompromising experience into fine gourmet Nordic dining. Our aim is that the memory of Storfjord Hotel will reside forever on your taste buds.


It is telling that our Wellness area separates the hotel from the forest. Inside you’ll untie the knots in your brain, discard the soreness on your muscles, wash your laboriously accumulated stress away. The warm coziness of our architecture entwines effortlessly into the secret sounds of the forest; imagine the soft touch of Nordic raindrops on your face, your body immersed in the warm silence of our outdoor jacuzzi. Choose your favorite on our list of spa treatments and enjoy it in deep inner peace.

“Storfjord Hotel looks more like something out of a Norwegian fairy-tale, than a hotel.”

To get to Storfjord Hotel You’ll find direct flights from the international hubs of Amsterdam (AMS) or of Oslo (OSL) to Ålesund (AES). Storfjord Hotel is 40 minutes away – by road - from the airport and 30 minutes away from the center of Ålesund.
Transfer Hotel transfers are available, let us know if you wish to be picked up by our car, our boats or our helicopter.
GPS coordinates 62°28´10,9´´N6°37´29´´E
Number of rooms 30

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