A “topographic menu” gourmet dining experience in Apotekergata No.5

Apotekergata No. 5

Open Tuesday - Saturday 18 - 22

An historical warehouse transmuted into an exquisite restaurant, a lively food bar and a vintage cocktail bar – with an added outdoor barge when the sun is shining.

Apotekergata No.5

The Norwegian nature is ruthless and demanding, but we know it can also be generous. As chefs we are constantly awed by our local farmers, fishermen, hunters, who go out in the harshest conditions to extract from nature our most extraordinary products. It is our wish to use them to grace your palate with a Sunnmøre gourmet experience, something we called “topographic menu” for it is sourced from all the altitudes which define the fjord: from the bottom of the sea to the tops of the mountains. It is a menu dominated by nature and dictated by seasons, presented with all our attention, respect and inspiration. 


Butikken is the food bar at Apotekergata No. 5. The small store front at the corner of the building, where caviar and champagne always are kept fresh for you.

There’s no need to reserve a table, nor dress formally, to come by to our foodbar Butikken. We’ll serve you snacks and bites from the à la carte menu at the Restaurant Apotekergata No. 5, as well as our drink menu from Arkivet Bar.


An outdoor seating area serving fresh seafood by the channel. Whenever the sun is shining here on the Northwest coast, the Lekteren is where you’ll want to eat and drink: sun, seafood, champagne.

Arkivet Bar   

A curated selection of wine, beer, champagne, spirits and handcrafted cocktails. The name hails to the times Peder Devold – a local fish trader of note – ran his business archives from this exact address, back in 1905. It has now become the place to go for Vintage cocktails, curated beers, and good relaxed times.


Apotekergata No. 5

Open Monday - Saturday 12 - 22