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Discover our properties

Our exclusive portfolio of family-owned properties are much more than simple places to stay – each of them has been picked for its personality and natural and historical surroundings in mind, uniquely combining a luxury experience with the feeling of staying at your home away from home.

Embark on the ultimate journey

We are curating and designing transformative travel experiences with a unique mix of authenticity and understated luxury, for travelers seeking the finest lifetime memories. Whenever you look around you will find yourself in a state of deep awe. Awe of nature, awe of the resilience of its people, awe of the forces of weather and the ocean, awe of the depth of the fjords, awe of the simple things in life, of a fireplace, of a smile. The deepest snows in the winter give way to the deepest seas in the Summer, and all adventures in between, are just waiting to be experienced.


Food and drink

Being this far up the remote North has driven generations of local producers to seek the ultimate in tastes. We have a few favorites we wish to share with you. Sunnmøre is a dream come true for foodies who care about precious raw materials and traditionally handled food. Everyone knows that the best shellfish grows in cold waters, and this far up north waters are… adequately cold. Lovers of good fresh fish will pale at the variety and delight at the quality.


Remote explorations

NORWAY The essence of being 62ºNORD is to create something that someone will travel the world around for. To us, that something is hospitality by exploration. A cool and warm mix of design and nature, of carefully shaped scents and curated textures, small details that are overwhelmingly larger than the simple result of their sum. Something that even without looking you will feel and when back home you will close your eyes and remember forever.


Our love for traveling the world over has come to roost – as it happens, we grew up and live in one of the most remarkable places on the planet: Sunnmøre, Norway. We have been curating and designing an exquisite network of family-owned, small-footprint properties and collecting the best experiences our properties and their natural surroundings can provide. As world travelers ourselves, we compiled our Norwegian version of life-changing travel experiences, our unique mix of authenticity and understated luxury, for travelers seeking the finest lifetime memories.


"62ºNORD is a masterclass in many things"

Monocle Magazine