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Hotel Brosundet

Once warehouses for local fisheries, Hotel Brosundet has many stories to tell.

The old town of Ålesund is divided by a channel connecting two fjords and Hotel Brosundet lies in the middle, on the west side. Both buildings hail to the times all fishing trade happened in the center of town. You will be staying at an historical site – one of them listed – and experiencing the curious mix of the Norwegian sophisticated modern life and the charming quirks of a lost, simpler time.

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The hotel

Walk in, look right – find a smile, framed by the dark shades of wood and the clean lines of true Nordic design, the thick Y beams of the building’s structure standing to attention, as if standing to attention to your needs. Walk a few steps in, find the immense central fireplace, hinting at the communal hearths of the Viking Sagas, a tribute to the almost sacred value of fire in these northern lands of long, serious winters. 

The 131 rooms are spread over two historical buildings (and one lighthouse – room 47), which originally interfaced the fishing boats and the city. The old wood, the slightly tilted floors, the sounds of the sea, the hints of Nordic design, all conspire to the serious love affair between past and future, also known as norwegianness. 

The Town

Ålesund is a door, a window, a gateway between the ocean and the fjords. Destroyed by a fire in 1904, it reinvented itself into a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Art Nouveau architecture. It is a natural port for shipping and fishing since the times of the Vikings – come with us, we’ll help you understand why.

Your room

We know that luxury caters to all senses – and nowhere will that be more apparent than when, in the end of a day of fjord adventures or urban endeavors, you lie back on your luscious bed, that feeds you back comfort and the promise of a glorious night’s sleep. All our rooms conjure a sense of comfortable intimacy, of memorable introspective time. Intimate silence, within these walls you’ll effortlessly call yours.

Room 47

Ever dreamt of sleeping in a real lighthouse, with breakfast delivered at your door? You can, in our Room 47 – the iconic red lighthouse at the entry of the port of Ålesund, which we redesigned into a cozy hotel room - a mere 5 minute walk from the main Hotel Brosundet.

The Fjords

The rugged nature that you see from Ålesund… it’s not just a postcard. We’ll show you. All nooks and crannies of the fjords are made accessible by our boats - from the most remote historical farms, so far up steep cliffs that children and goats had to be tied to trees and tax collectors were kept at bay for fear of their lives – to gentle white beaches that will defy your mental image of the Great North. If you like hiking, let it be known you’ve arrived to the world capital of it – it is arguably Norwegian’s favorite outdoor activity – all peaks up there for the taking. Your taking.

For the foodies

The ground floor of the green building of Brosundet Hotel houses one of the best restaurants in town – the Apotekergata nº5 - with what its creative chefs called a “topographic menu”: an exquisite gourmet meal with organic produce sourced in our fjords, ranging from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountain. Ålesund being Ålesund, you may witness the chef opening the window to buy fresh prawns directly from the local fishing boats. In Brosundet Hotel you’ll also find Arkivet Bar – vintage cocktails, curated beers and a richly populated wine cellar. In the Summer you can choose to eat local seafood outdoors, at the Lekteren. Check our activities calendar for more on special events.

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To get to Hotel Brosundet You’ll find direct flights from the international hubs of Amsterdam (AMS) or of Oslo (OSL) to Ålesund (AES). Brosundet Hotel is 15 minutes away – by road - from the airport.
Transfer Hotel transfers are available, let us know if you wish to be picked up.
GPS coordinates 62°28´9,5´´N6°9´7,7´´E
Number of rooms 131

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