Owner‘s Cabin


In quiet luxury, experience the unique connection to the rugged nature in the outer islands, a dozen minutes from downtown Ålesund.

Owner’s Cabin in Staurneset is the perfect island experience at the edge of the Norwegian Sea – at Giske, the land of Viking nobility, often visited by orcas and inhabited by seals, sea birds, and arguably the happiest cows in the planet. World famous artists know its secrets and come to Giske to the world-famous recording studio within sight of your cabin. All minutes away from the center of Ålesund.

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The cabin

Owner’s Cabin is surrounded by untouched land with direct access to the sea, a white sandy beach to your right, charming rocky tide pools to your left, as you stare north into the rugged Nordic sea. Your horizon will be dotted by the peaks of Sunnmøre Alps, so tall as to remain white well into August. This is the cabin of the owners of 62°NORD, and it thus is decorated with an eye to elegant design, Nordic comfort, rich in tactile senses and visual simplicity. The cabin has 3 bedrooms with king-sized beds, two bathrooms, spacious dining room and kitchen, open fireplace in the living-room.

Giske Island

Giske island’s small size and comparatively gentle landscape does not betray the unique part it has played in the history of Norway, as home to noble Viking families whose fame extended far beyond these shores. It is perfect for outings – bike to see the curious mix of well-tended farms and swathes of wild forest, kayak to experience the uniqueness of the North Sea – often visited by orcas, always inhabited by seals, a gem of the great North.

Easy living

When you stay at Owner’s Cabin, you can simplify your life by enlisting the services of our own private chef, who will be sure to recreate for you the unique Norwegian culinary experiences that will make your Norwegian “hytte kultur” (cabin life-style) experience even more memorable. Arrive with our helicopters and explore the Fjords and Sunnmøre region with our boats. To learn more about the Norwegian way of living we recommend a day with our local guides.

"I got to finish the book I always wanted to read but never found the time."

To get to Owner‘s Cabin You’ll find direct flights from the international hubs of Amsterdam (AMS) or of Oslo (OSL) to Ålesund (AES). Owner’s Cabin is just 10 minutes away – by road – from the airport (and also 10 minutes away from Ålesund center).
Transfer Transfers are available, let us know if you wish to be picked up by car, boat or helicopter.
GPS coordinates 62°30´48,7´´N6°3´47,9´´E
Number of rooms 3

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