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Hotel Union Øye

In the secluded fjord hamlet of Øye, a hotelier jewel from the olden times, when traveling meant introspective discovery, long days of reading and hiking adventures in tweed.

Hotel Union Øye houses so many memories of so many historical notables that you’ll feel intimate with times lost. It opened in 1891, from day one catering to discerning travelers. Kaiser Wilhelm, Queen Maud, Princess Victoria, King Oscar, Karen Blixen, Knut Hamsun, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edvard Grieg, Henrik Ibsen, William Cecil Slingsby, Roald Amudsen, Kristofer Randers… all fell in love with our country right here, within these walls.

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Hotel since 1891

In the village of Øye by the Norangsfjord you will find one of the most distinct hotels in all of Europe. It has been a place where visitors come to savour the good life and the tranquility in magnificent surroundings since 1891.

As you take in the ambience you will be amazed by the historical facts surrounding each the individually designed rooms. They are all named after the notables who have stayed here; we hope you will be inspired by all those famous writers, mountaineers, artists and royals you will hear and read about. Enjoy a meal in the beautiful dining room and listen to old exciting stories from other eras, shared by the fireplace after dinner. The bed where you’ll sleep, is truly fit for a King or Queen - we know because it has been so.

The place

Cradled between steep mountains, in sight of the quiet fjord, the Hotel is an island of comfort in a fairytale land of adventure. Within minutes of the front door you’ll find hikes gentle enough to marvel at the details of nature and wild enough to make your adrenaline yell out loud. The surrounding fields are alive with the denizens of the forest that will stop and stare at you in silence. Even the arrival to the hotel will be seminal, like rewinding time, a sense of things made right.

The Fjords   

Our private boats are at your disposal to go explore the monumental fjords which delineate the contour of the Sunnmøre Alps. The fjord by the Hotel – Norangsfjord –quickly opens into Storfjord, 110 km of raw magical findings.

The Sunnmøre Alps

In Hotel Union Øye the memories of mountain adventures past melt into the adrenaline pool of mountain adventures possible. Ask for our Climber’s Book, you will find entries from many world-famous mountaineers; read about their adventures, and then go outside and have your own. In the Sunnmøre Alps you’ll truly feel like in the rugged roof of our planet.

Please be seated

In Hotel Union Øye the unwritten rule is your personal pleasure – the chef will present you a gourmet menu with seasonal local products, you will enjoy it in our olden dining room embedded into the charm of old-school luxury. The long hours of Summer – at 62 North the Summer’s solstice will not allow daylight to ever truly sleep – will prolong your days until you can no longer fight the call of comfortable sleep. Indoors or outdoors, summer or winter - in our comfortable classic luxury or in our enticing natural surroundings, your stay at Hotel Union Øye will become one of your favorite, indelible, memories.

"You can hear the roaring silence as you follow the footsteps of our great explorers."

To get to Hotel Union Øye You’ll find direct flights from the international hubs of Amsterdam (AMS) or of Oslo (OSL) to Ålesund (AES), as well as direct flights from Oslo (OSL) to Hovden Airport (HOV). Hotel Union Øye is 120 minutes away – by road - from Ålesund airport, and 60 minutes away from Hovden airport.
Transfer Hotel transfers are available, let us know if you wish to be picked up by car, boat or helicopter.
GPS coordinates 62°11´35,3´´N6°39´34,6´´E
Number of rooms 30

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