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For guests at our hotels we offer luxury escapes and bespoke itineraries for leisure, incentive and event travel.

Small town Ålesund and the Sunnmøre region is an area known for its untouched and spectacular nature, secluded fjords and majestic mountain tops. With our local guides, boats, cars and helicopters we can take you off the beaten track to places you will not find on your own. 62°NORD believes in creating authentic, pure and personal experiences to enhance the distinctive geographical character of our destination – its environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture, and the well-being of the locals. Explore the land of the fjords at 62 degrees North.

Imagine a land at the edge of the world. Long, narrow and unwieldly. A land of jagged mountain tops thousands of meters high, alongside fjords thousands of meters deep. A land who has inspired countless of poets, artists and explorers - yet still unknown. A land where nature dominates and seasons dictate. And right here, at 62°N, is where you'll find our home. Where you'll find heavy clouds battling the sunshine between hazy forests, snowcapped glaciers, and the occasional troll. It's a land of quiet, but kind people. People who want to share this little piece of raw and untouched luxury with you. Because for us, luxury isn't gold, glitter, or swarovsky. Our luxury is nature. It's sincerity, honesty and relentlessness. 

For us luxury is waking up in the early hours by the wind bashing at the windows, while staying warm under the covers. It's the feeling of mastery when we conquer a hike, and the reward of a cold glass waiting at the top. It's the sight of the first snow of the season, tasting fresh produce from the local farm, and the smell of the fireplace. It's the enchantment of the senses, the contrasts and the details. It's the unparalleled service and care by people you felt you've known your whole life. It's meeting people from all over the world, with different stories to tell, but all with the same desire of experiencing something unique.

It's Luxury – The Norwegian Way. 
By 62°NORD

Sustainability can never be a keyword - it is a surviving skill

From the very beginning of our existence we, at 62ºNORD, have taken care to always seek sustainable solutions in all our endeavors.

How to get here

Direct flights from: Amsterdam (2 h) and Oslo (50 min)
Nearest airport: Ålesund Airport Vigra and Hovden Airport Ørsta
Number of km from Oslo: 548