About us

​62°NORD is a group of skilled professionals who embody the essence of adventure, luxury, and sustainability.

The company is situated in Ålesund, Norway, and specializes in crafting exclusive travel experiences in the stunning fjords of Western Norway. With a variety of immersive adventures led by local guides, travelers can experience breathtaking landscapes in unparalleled ways, whether it's driving, hiking, skiing, kayaking, or cycling in this magnificent environment. The company possesses a fleet of luxury boats, electric Porsche Taycans, and exceptional hotels: Storfjord, Union Øye, and Brosundet each offering upscale stays in picturesque locations.

In addition to adventure and luxury accommodations, 62°NORD provides tailored experiences celebrating our rich cultural heritage. The company emphasizes sustainability, investing in small communities, embracing eco-friendly hospitality practices, and creating a lifeline for otherwise unserviced communities. 

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Contact our team of experts for travel design, signature adventures, private events, and incentive travel.

hello@62.no +47 70 11 44 30