A signature adventure

Ski the Fjords

7 days

7500 masl

This skiing adventure in the fjords of Western Norway is built as a pioneering adventure for skiers from around the world. With Scandinavia’s finest ski-touring terrain, experienced local guides, and fjord access each day this adventure is the epitome of Norwegian luxury adventure. 

The Sunnmøre Alps

Each spring, after a relentless winter, the skies unveil themselves and the slopes of the Sunnmøre Alps transform into a playground for adventure seekers to practice their craft in world’s most spectacular winter wonderland. The regions most experienced guides rely on more than 100 peaks in the fjord network to create an adventure for any level of skier.

If you are a hardened adrenaline junky on the search for new lines and fresh powder a newbie trying skins for the first time, our guides will show you the way. 

"It is better to go skiing and think of God than go to church and think of sport."

Fritjof Nansen

Fjord access

With a fleet of modern vessels and sea hardened captains, guests are transported to the daily ascents directly from the hotel’s dock.

The return trip is a celebration as you cruise back to the hotel with 1000ft high cliffs exploding out of the fjord on either side heralding the path back home each evening. 

Earn your turns

As the world seems to accelerate at a never-ending pace, the search for immersive and authentic adventures becomes ever more important. This is why we have created a ski experience that allows an intimate pace to experience unmatched mythical beauty carved out by the rhythms of the season. 


Our executive chefs draw on inspiration from the surrounding flora and fauna to create dishes that celebrate the region. The forests are abundant with wild herbs, mushrooms and berries while the fjords and ocean are teaming with life. Depending on the season you can expect cod, halibut, salmon, oysters, lobster and crab. Drawing on ancient methods of fire cooking, smoking and preserving, each meal celebrates Nordic Cuisine in a modern wild way. Be it freshly brewed coffee, local apple cider or matured wheels of cheese our very strategic pitstops on the road will keep you fuelled and happy.

"62°NORD is a masterclass in many things."

Monocle Magazine


Storfjord Hotel and Hotel Union Øye rank among the very best in Scandinavia and are perfect examples of the Norwegian tradition of hospitality. Set against deep pine forests with views across the fjords, each hotel draws on the history of travel through the fjords and mountains but adds all the modern amenities you would expect of such iconic, award-winning properties. You’ll be staying in junior suites, with access to the hot tub, sauna, bar, and reading rooms as well as the option of spa treatments each afternoon. Storfjord Hotel and Hotel Union Øye will be a welcome oasis of calm and comfort after a day in the mountains and fjords. 


“You haven’t experienced Norway unless you have experienced it with 62ºNORD”

Dominic Purvis, luxury travel consultant