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Iconic Climbs

E Bike Friendly

More than a bike ride

We realise that life demands your attention on a daily basis. This journey allows you to switch off and regroup. The focus is entirely on the road ahead and spinning your legs. With small, intimate groups on each departure and all the details taken care of, this is an opportunity for you to pedal into the unknown with only one certainty, that the adventure is just around the next corner. Leave it all out on the road and relive the days adventures with friends in the sauna, around the fire and over a few fresh drinks at the edge of a majestic fjord.

The fjords

The fjords were carved by glaciers out of ancient rock, creating narrow inlets from the ocean flanked by sheer cliffs and breath-taking peaks. In days gone by these fjords were inhabited by subsistence farmers and early Viking seafarers, some of the earliest explorers who were the first European visitors to much of the new world. Your journey will take you along flat roads on the waterfront and through winding trails between the mountains, all the while surrounding you with sensational scenery.

"I‘ve ridden my bike in some pretty special places ... Nothing could quite prepare me for the Fjords of Norway."

- Grant Clark, Commonwealth Games and Trans Africa cyclist

It is your adventure

Each trip will be fully supported. Lead by an ex-professional cyclist as your guide, the group will have a following vehicle with the opportunity to change the route as required. Each day is perfectly balanced allowing the group to get as much as they want out of the ride. If you are wanting to push boundaries and set 'fastest known times´, you will be pushed. If you want to take it easy and spin your legs while taking in the views, then the pace will relax. At the end of the day, it is your very own adventure.

"62ºNORD is a masterclass in many things"

- Monocle

Wild Nordic Cuisine

Our executive chefs draw on inspiration from the surrounding flora and fauna to create dishes that celebrate the region. The forests are abundant with wild herbs, mushrooms and berries while the fjords and ocean are teaming with life. Depending on the season you can expect cod, halibut, salmon, oysters, lobster and crab. Drawing on ancient methods of fire cooking, smoking and preserving, each meal celebrates Nordic Cuisine in a modern wild way. Be it freshly brewed coffee, local apple cider or matured wheels of cheese our very strategic pitstops on the road will keep you fuelled and happy.

Queen stage Trollstigen

A helicopter transfer will deliver you to the base of the Troll Wall. The tallest vertical rock face in Europe, famed among iconic climbers and extreme athletes. A fitting place to start this stage complete with some of Norway’s most striking scenery. The Trollstigen climb that is as dramatic as it is challenging, comprising 18 switchbacks that weave their way back and forth in front of a thundering waterfall. At the top, a lookout point at 800m of altitude offers sensational views back into the valley. Once you have conquered the climb, a wonderful reward awaits you – a 40km descent through the Valdal valley. Flanked by cliffs on either side and enveloped in the calm of the forests, you ´ll barely touch the pedals as you make your way to the still waters of the fjord.

"It’s obvious this is an adventurer’s paradise... ultimate blend of challenge and luxury, set in an entirely new and clearly dramatic landscape."

Fergus Scholes - Financial Times

Luxury – The Norwegian Way

Storfjord Hotel and Hotel Union Øye rank as the very best in Scandinavia. Tasteful architecture and design are complemented with intricate attention to detail at these two award-winning properties. Staying in junior suites and with the option of spa treatments each afternoon, these properties act as oases to recharge in after a day in the saddle.

“You haven’t experienced Norway unless you have experienced it with 62ºNORD”

– Dominic Purvis, luxury travel consultant