A signature adventure


Price from NOK 82 800,- per person

 A 6-day, adrenalin fuelled driving adventure through the spectacular fjords and untamed mountains of the Sunnmøre Alps. This completely unique, emission free experience brings together the world’s most exciting electric super car, the best of local cuisine and the pinnacle of Norwegian hospitality.

Emission free adventure

With its pristine mountain passes, sea-spanning bridges and intricate web of tunnels, the roads of the Norwegian fjords are a playground for the driving enthusiast. 

This partnership with Porsche, built on delivering a sustainable adventure, is a completely unique opportunity to not only explore this spectacular corner of the world, but to do it on electric charge. The result: emission free exploration.

”Trollstigen is the closest you will get to a race track on a normal road... It is exhilarating”

Marius Nakken -Porsche Cup

The car

When considering the perfect machine for a driving experience in the fjords we were looking for a partner that could match what we stand for - comfort, sustainability, exhilaration. 

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo delivers it all. And with the perfect hint of style, this electric super car sets itself apart from the field. Each night the vehicles will be charged at property ensuring full range for the following days adventure

Range: 390 – 450 km
CO Emissions: 0g/km
0-100km: 5,1s
Top Speed: 230km/h*

The Fjords

The fjords were carved by kilometre-thick glaciers out of the ancient rock, creating narrow ocean inlets flanked by sheer cliffs and awe-inspiring peaks. In days gone by, the fjords were inhabited by Viking seafarers, hardy explorers who were the first European visitors to so much of the New World.

Your adventure will be the chance for you to plot your own voyage of discovery along the flat roads at the edge of the fjords and up the winding routes through the mountains, surrounded by crystal clear lakes and deep forests that inspired Norway’s folk tales of trolls and talking beasts.

Let us take care of all the arrangements so you are relaxed and ready to make the most of each day. You will take the wheel, lead by pre-programmed routes that journey you through the very best of Norway’s stunning scenery - with nothing to distract you, you’ll feel you can drive forever, inspired by the crystal-clear air of the Sunnmøre Alps and enchanted by the sensational views.

"The wildest alpine valley I ever saw was not in the Alps, it was the valley Norangsdalen at Sunnmøre, Norway."

William Cecil Slingsby - Pioneering alpinist

Explore like a local

We have scoured the region and cherry picked the very best phenomena on offer. While driving between the key destinations our team will highlight key stops, interesting view sights and share some fun tips for ferry crossings, deep tunnels and dramatic overpasses.

Our team will welcome you each evening at one of our award-winning properties. There is no rush, it is often the case that the long days of summer or the changing colours of fall keep you out in nature a little longer than expected.


Storfjord Hotel and Hotel Union Øye rank among the very best in Scandinavia and are perfect examples of the proud Norwegian tradition of hospitality. Set against deep pine forests with views across the fjords, each hotel draws on the history of travel through the Sunnmøre Alps while adding all the modern amenities you would expect of such iconic, award-winning properties.

You’ll be staying in junior suites, with use of the hot tub, sauna, bar and reading rooms as well as the option of spa treatments at Storfjord. Storfjord Hotel and Hotel Union Øye will be a welcome oasis of calm and comfort as you reflect on your day behind the wheel. 

Wild Nordic cuisine

Our executive chefs draw their inspiration from the surrounding countryside to create dishes that celebrate the region.

The forests are abundant with deer, wild boar, wild herbs, mushrooms and berries while the fjords and ocean are teeming with marine life; depending on the season, you can expect freshly caught cod, halibut, salmon, oysters, lobster and crab. Drawing on ancient methods of fire cooking, smoking and preserving, each meal celebrates Nordic Cuisine in a way that combines modern menus with local produce and age-old traditions.

And you won’t be missing out when you’re on the road, either. Whether it’s freshly brewed coffee at a local café, lunch at an apple farm or tea and pancakes in an old farmstead, our strategic pitstops will keep you fuelled and happy.

“You haven’t experienced Norway unless you have experienced it with 62ºNORD”

Dominic Purvis, luxury consultant