Fjord cruise to Hjørundfjord

Private trips from 24 300,-

Experience the original explorers sea route.

In fjordland, the shortest way is often the seaway. From Ålesund, you’ll start by setting sail out and around the island of Sula with its pretty white lighthouse. You’ll gently coast into the scenic Storfjord and then navigate through what many Norwegians consider to be the country’s most beautiful fjord of all, Hjørundfjord. Enjoy a unique stopover in Trandal, where the coolest infinity swing in Norway will be waiting for you. Finally, and somewhat reluctantly, you’ll end your journey by stepping onto the pier at our historic Hotel Union Øye.


To fully embrace the essence of Sunnmøre, one must journey through its fjords and take the sea route to unique experiences and stays. We invite you on a serene fjord expedition, echoing the path of timeless adventurers, free from traffic, immersed in the stillness of the water for a profound connection with nature. Glide through Storfjorden, pausing at Trandal, home to perhaps the world's most renowned swing, then onward into the majestic Hjørundfjorden. This route, nestled between grand mountain ranges, was once navigated by Emperor Wilhelm himself, culminating at the fjord's edge near the historic Hotel Union Øye.

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