The changing seasons of Storfjord

Travel journal by 62°NORD

"What makes Norway so special is its unrelenting nature. The seasons are distinct, with dark and short winter days that the locals embrace. Spring is worth the wait and brings rejoicing. Summer days are for relaxation and living life to the fullest. Fall brings a reset as the colors change and life slows down. The rhythm is comforting."

In the storied embrace of Norway's fjords, the Storfjord stands as a beacon of balance—where the rugged history of its 18th-century Dutch pioneering roots and the sophistication of modern design interlace. Here, Glomset’s past is not just remembered; it is relived with a touch of finesse and a respect for tradition that only the truest of sanctuaries can offer. Storfjord's architecture embodies a perfect blend of sturdy, handcrafted logs and modern-day comforts. It's a place where the strong lines of tradition meet the delicate touch of luxury. Here, you're not just an observer of nature's magnificence but a part of it, embraced by the dedicated team of hosts who imbue the hotel's historic walls with warmth and spirit.

Nils Flatmark, the hotel’s renowned head chef, is a modern-day alchemist, transforming the wild offerings of the fjord’s forests into culinary gold. His celebrated ‘Green Chef of Scandinavia’ title is a mere whisper of his talent for creating harmony on a plate, with ingredients that tell of the land’s richness and the seasons’ rhythms.


As winter cloaks the fjords, Storfjord becomes a sanctuary for those with a zest for the alpine life. The snowy peaks echo with the adventures of yesteryears, providing a secluded nirvana for skiing aficionados seeking solitude and snow in equal measure.


With spring thaw, the landscape shifts, revealing the fjords’ sculpted beauty. It is a time when adventure is reborn, and the call to explore is answered with a hike, a paddle, or a cycle along paths less trodden, embraced by the lingering light of the Nordic sky.


Summer at Storfjord is a family affair, a chapter of exploration where the fjords’ myths and magic are yours to uncover. The hotel becomes a crossroads for storytelling and shared experiences, the long days a canvas for memories painted under the midnight sun.


Autumn whispers change through the woodlands, heralding a time of reflection and harvest. The foraging adventures led by Nils invite guests to partake in the gathering of the season’s bounty, a prelude to the quietude that winter will once again bring.

In the cyclical journey of the seasons, Storfjord remains the steadfast heart of the experience, a place of timeless hospitality. It is where the thrill of the wild is tempered by the embrace of comfort, offering a retreat that is both invigorating and serene—a true "slow life hideaway" that resonates with the ebb and flow of nature’s own tempo.

At Storfjord, you’re invited to find your own rhythm, to blend the echoes of a storied past with the pleasures of the present, all within the unparalleled embrace of the Norwegian fjords.