Fjord cruise to Geirangerfjord

Private boat trips from 46 800,-

Experience Norway’s magnificent glacial pathways by boat.

Go back in time as you thread your own path through the spectacular waterways of the fjords just as the original Norwegian explorers did. Sail out from the port city of Ålesund, in sight of the wild western ocean, all the way to the sheer black walls and countless gushing waterfalls of the Geiranger fjord, one of the deepest fjords in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The disturbingly beautiful and forbidding geology of fjords of Sunnmøre is best traveled, as in the heyday, by sea. You can board our boat in Hotel Brosundet and sail through to Storfjord, then cross over to Synnylvsfjord, deeper and deeper into fjordland, past the mythical landmarks that have been making the delights of discerning travelers since times immemorial, all the way to the very end of Geiranger.

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