E-bike to Fjellstua viewpoint

Explore our Art Nouveau town surrounded by the fjord and open sea, built on islands, and connected by bridges. Ålesund is all about small-town life, rich in history and renowned for its beauty.

Join us on a trip through the streets of Ålesund and up the mountain Aksla. This round trip includes a stop at the renowned Fjellstua viewpoint to take in the beautiful scenery. If you like cycling, there is no better way to get to know a place. When riding a bike, you experience the world at a human pace. We will make sure to make several stops where you will learn about our history, nature, architecture, and local tails. With us, the traffic is polite and we promise you a great experience.


daily kl 13

daily trips from May to September


62°NORD Adventure hub Ålesund

Dronnings Sonjas Plass in Ålesund town