In Storfjord time slows down to wait for you.

Imagine a hotel literally made of the forest of Norway, and then shaped meticulously by our years of experience in the exquisite sophistication of luxury travel.  It is a place to marvel at the uniqueness of Norway, facing the deep fjord, facing the steep mountains, rediscovering your own self. In Storfjord Hotel time slows down to wait for you. 

The hotel was hand-built, with a passion for detail, in the traditional, time-proven, “laftehytte” Norwegian-style. The same massive logs that speak of rugged forest on the outside, speak of cradled comfort on the inside. A place so magical you’ll catch yourself deep into the lost art of staring at the wall, your imagination unwrapping all the little Nordic secrets of deep forests and countless seasons on those wooden knots and veins. All rooms have their own unique spacious, and luxurious personality – come to your window, look outside… find the stillness of the fjord, the ridges of the mountains, the contours of the forest. 

All this will be yours.