Once warehouses for local fisheries, Brosundet has many stories to tell.

The hotel

The old town of Ålesund is divided by a channel connecting two fjords and Brosundet lies in the middle, on the west side. Both buildings hail to the times all fishing trade happened in the center of town. You will be staying at a historical site – one of them listed – and experiencing the curious mix of the Norwegian sophisticated modern life and the charming quirks of a lost, simpler time.

It's more than a stay, more than great food and carefully selected art. It's friendliness, calm, comfort, and a sense of finding a new home. A destination where history meets urban curated luxury, a house full of life – it's a vibe.

Rooms and suites

Our suites and rooms all have their own personal touch and no two rooms are the same. The soft lightening against the mellow richness of the wooden details, creates a space of comfort and calmness. Our guests often find their own favourite, with views of the iconic Brosundet channel at one end and the colorful Art Noveau architecture on the other.

The restaurants

The fine dining scene in Ålesund has some remarkable players, but none as interesting as ours who share the same streets as our hotel.

Sjøbua is a vibrant and casually elegant seafood restaurant by the beloved Brosundet in Ålesund's thriving fish packing district. Sjøbua blurs the lines between a bistro and fine dining: relaxed and down to earth, yet sophisticated and cosmopolitan.

Apotekergata No. 5 is our brasserie that will delight your senses while teaching you about local identity and short-traveled flavors.

Enjoy a pleasant time with great food and drinks in our cozy living rooms. A casual dining experience inspired by continental classics.

The place

Every city has a heart, and Brosundet is ours. With the famous canal on one side and the colourful Art Nouveau architecture on the other, Hotel Brosundet is the perfect base to explore the fairytale town of Ålesund, the secluded nature – or simply enjoy the vibe within our houses. Explore our surroundings with a vast selection activities.

Plan your trip

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