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Bookings - Changes – Cancellations

All bookings, changes and cancellations must be submitted in writing. To ensure consistency and quality of our events, all bookings must be confirmed in writing by us (either by one of the hotels or 62°NORD) – before more information can be sent to the participants.

For group bookings a list of the participants, program, contact information for the leader of the group and any allergies or special needs must be submitted in writing to the hotel and/or 62°NORD no later than 1 week before the commencement of the event. 

A credit card must be registered for the booking no later than one week before arrival, and unless agreed otherwise, payment of rooms, minibar, bar, restaurant, room service etc. must be paid at check out. 

When booking for groups of 5 rooms/persons or more, a deposit of 30% of the total amount will be invoiced upon the confirmation of the event.

More than 90 days before commencement of the eventNo payment
Between 90 and 60 days before commencement of the event50 % of total amount
Between 30 and 60 days before commencement of the event80 % of total amount
Less than 30 days before commencement of the event100 % of total amount
More than 90 days before commencement of the eventNo payment
Between 90 and 60 days before commencement of the event50 % of total amount
Between 30 and 60 days before commencement of the event80 % of total amount
Less than 30 days before commencement of the event100 % of total amount

An increase in the amount of rooms and/or participants must be agreed with and confirmed by the hotel at least one week before the event. In the event of a NO-SHOW, all confirmed rooms and boat trips/activities will be charged at 100% of the total amount. 

When a booking exceeds 80% or more of the total capacity of a hotel, the hotel reserves the right to insist that the entire hotel is booked. 

Any reduction or cancellation of meals notified less than 14 days before the commencement of the event will be billed at full cost. Any changes to the meals must be submitted in writing to the hotel. 

Check in time is between 16:00 and 18:00; check in after 18:00 must be agreed beforehand.  Check out time is no later than 12:00; later check out must be agreed beforehand.  Please note. All our rooms are non-smoking – please use designated smoking areas. 

The organiser (customer) is financially responsible for any damage to hotel rooms, fixtures or other equipment caused by guests.

If circumstances that are beyond our control such as strikes, fires, extreme weather and other events that cause your stay or activity not to be carried out, we reserve the right to cancel your stay or activity without being responsible for payment of compensation. In general, bad weather is considered normal and does not give the customer the right to cancel or change any booking. 

We advise all guests to take out cancellation insurance with an insurance company, to cover themselves for cancellation due to illness. In addition, it is recommended that all guests have valid travel insurance. PRICES AND PAYMENT The organiser (customer) is responsible for any unpaid bills left by the participants (bar, minibar, restaurant, room service etc.).

We strive to be a cash-free business and therefore encourage and thank our guests to use electronic payment solutions, as this is the safest way for our guests to travel. We encourage payment by credit card. 

Our hotels accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. If the customer wishes to pay by cash only, Norwegian Krone – NOK is accepted. Cheques and or traveller’s cheques are not accepted. 

Our reserve the right to change prices due to increased costs of goods, services, taxes and fees or any other costs that are controlled by external parties. 

Any credit must be agreed and accepted in advance. Our terms of payment for credit are 10 days net. Payment information for our hotels and 62° NORD can be found in the table below, the same information will also be shown on any invoice. 

Address62NORD AS, Skansekaia, N-6002 Ålesund 
Vat/ 990 821 097
BankNordea Bank Norge ASA
Account nr. 6550 06 03067

BOAT TRIPS AND OTHER ACTIVITIES WITHOUT ACCOMMODATION All bookings, changes and cancellations must be submitted in writing.

More than 14 days before departureNo payment
Between 14-7 days before departure50 % of total amount
Less than 7 days before departure100 % of total amount

A reduction of up to 10% of the total number of participants can be made without penalty up to 7 days before the event. With a reduction of more than 10% of participants, 50% of the cost will be invoiced. Any reduction of numbers advised less than 7 days before the event will be charged in full. Any increase in the number of participants must be agreed and confirmed in writing at least 5 days before the event. 

62°NORD reserves the right to change or cancel trips due to unforeseen issues with equipment or crew – as well as bad weather. When weather dictates the originally planned route is not safe, 62° NORD reserves the right to cancel the trip on the advice of the boat operator. Alternatively, the boat operator can change the route to ensure that the participants have an enjoyable and safe experience. Changes to the route due to weather conditions are no grounds for a refund or price reduction. 

All participants are responsible for their own physical and psychological condition, bearing in mind the nature of these trips. RIB trips take place at high speed and in challenging water conditions and do involve an element of risk. RIB tours are not recommended for pregnant women and people who have conditions that can worsen when travelling in conditions described above. All participants of RIB tours must sign a waiver clause stating their participation is at their own risk and responsibility. 

Participants must always abide by the instructions given by the boat operator; the operator has authority on the boat that he/she leads. The operator has the authority to deny any person’s participation of the tour if they consider there to be a safety risk – this can be related to health, physical condition, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if they act in a way which is a nuisance to other participants. 

Use of and taking of personal equipment/items on boat trips, such as cameras, mobile phones, bags, jewellery, glasses etc. is at the participants’ own risk. 

Participants must arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, in order to have time to change into the life suit and other safety clothing. We recommend the use of practical waterproof shoes and warm clothing; hats and gloves if the temperature dictates. Also recommended is waterproof protection for mobile phones and camera equipment if the participants wish to take them on board.   

Late arrival may result in a shorter tour or missing the tour altogether. The tour must still be paid in full and no refunds will be given. 

For any dispute between parties that cannot be resolved without court proceedings, the place of jurisdiction is a court in Norway and its decision will be final. 

We reserve the right to make any changes to the terms of a single event or period – the hotel or contractor will provide information on this.