“Wool is an essential part of our heritage in Norway, particularly the heritage of Devold, masters of wool since 1853. With this collection, we’re shining a spotlight on the incredible properties of one of the world’s most unique and versatile resources, a renewable and responsible fibre that allows us to realize our inherent responsibility to the planet and to those who inhabit it.” Maria Lilly Flakk. Founder and Creative Director, O.A.D.

Summer is a special time in Scandinavia, a time when we naturally turn our gaze to the water, across the gentle waves where holidays are spent and memories are made. 

O.A.D.’s newest collection – the fourth since its launch – is made for those moments, for the long twilight hours where the sun never seems to set, and all you need is a soft knit next to your skin. 

SS24 includes a variety of new colourways and styles, each one an homage to wool for summertime, and a surprising display of the versatile nature of this natural resource. 

Naturally water-repellent, inherently breathable, and with a superior ability to regulate temperature, wool is, in fact, the perfect companion through every season. For the new collection, Norwegian wool is blended with a handpicked selection of other high-quality natural fibres like silk, yak, kid mohair, alpaca, cotton, and extra-fine merino wool, creating the perfect combination of form and function. All fibres have been chosen for their unique beauty and superior performance. Rugged, but not hard, soft, but not delicate, and perfectly suited for the innovative production techniques that result in knitwear that will last for generations. 

The SS24 collection continues with O.A.D.’s timeless palette – grey, brown, and signature navy – joined by seasonal accents in off white, sandy taupe, and shades of blue, from the lightest azure to the darkest indigo. A selection of strong carryovers form the foundation of the collection, complemented by six brand new styles, as well as four new interpretations of the Ole and Blaatrøie, two of O.A.D.’s most iconic knits. 

First launched in the 1860s, for workers and fishermen, the Blaatrøie uses a distinctive tight knit that protects against wind and rain, perfect for summer hikes or days at sea. For SS24, O.A.D. introduces two new striped versions: the crewneck in classic navy and white, and the half-zip, featuring subtle black stripes. Updated for today’s modern consumer, but true to the heritage spirit of the style, the Blaatrøie remains an iconic silhouette, more than 150 years on.

Ole also welcomes two new styles to the family, including a turtleneck in a beautiful combination of white and ivory, perfect for summer nights. Two summer-weight cable knits join the collection, as does a lightweight poncho in the softest yak fibres. SS24 also marks O.A.D.’s first foray into the classic t-shirt, elevated with 100% crispy merino wool, and the perfect pairing for linen pants and delicate accessories, or jeans and sandals.

Colours and silhouettes draw inspiration from the season, imagined for the magic of carefree days, filled with endless adventure. The ongoing creative collaboration with legendary Italian designer, Olmes Carretti, is the key to a summer collection that infuses the rugged Scandinavian spirit with touch of southern sensibility, perfect for the warmer months.

“With O.A.D. we are creating timeless styles, for every season and every hemisphere. The cuts, the techniques, the materials – everything is chosen to create premium designs that feel at home wherever you are in the world. It is one of the defining aspects of the Spring/Summer collection, once more inspired by the heritage of Devold, and by Nordic culture, paired with Italian design.” — Olmes Carretti, Designer

The SS24 campaign was shot on the spectacular Stad, on the west coast of Norway, a peninsula that marks the dividing point between the Norwegian Sea to the north and the North Sea to the south. Famed Norwegian photographer, Lasse Fløde, teamed up with top stylist, Sunniva Hartgen, and international model, Larissa Thomè, accompanied by model, Alioune Sander and Tore Kristoffersen, the uncle of O.A.D. Founder and Creative Director, Maria Lilly Flakk. 

The collection will launch in March, and will be available at OADEVOLD.com; in select premium hotels and stores, both at home and internationally; and at the Devold brand store in Oslo. With this collection, O.A.D. continues to build a legacy as masters of wool and makers of seasonless knitwear for times to come.