Arctic lavvo adventure

Join us for a winter experience in Sunnmøre. An outdoor winter activity that is beginner-friendly and suitable for almost anyone who wants to experience snow and winter.

Join us for a memorable winter experience in our Arctic lavvus in Sunnmøre. An outdoor winter activity that is accessible and suitable for almost everyone who wants to embrace the snow and experience winter in the north of the world.

Embark on an unforgettable winter adventure in Sunnmøre within one of our Arctic lavvus. This outdoor activity allowing you to experience the magic of winter up close. Our guide will meet you in the reception area at the agreed time to ensure you have the best experience.

For this activity, it's essential to dress up for approximately 2 hours of being outdoors. Our guide will ensure you are well-prepared. We begin with a brief 30-minute snowshoe excursion through the beautiful winter landscape before arriving at the lavvu. Here you will meet a warm fire that creates a cozy atmosphere, and you'll be served hot drinks and light refreshments. The guide will also share stories about Norwegian culture and traditions.

Through this experience, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and provide you with an opportunity to become acquainted with the area, its culture, and the surrounding nature. The exact location of today's journey will vary depending on snow conditions, group composition and weather. But the goal remains the same: to let you experience winter in a unique and engaging way, close to our hotel, with snowshoes (if snow conditions allow). Welcome to a winter experience you'll cherish forever!


from 6000 NOK

1-2 persons: 6000 NOK

3-4 persons: 7000 NOK

5-6 persons: 8000 NOK

Additional person: 1500 NOK


2 hours

Longer adventures can be arranged



  • Øye, Hotel Union Øye
  • Glomset, Storfjord Hotel



  • Hot drinks
  • Simple serving
  • Snowshoes
  • Poles
  • Small backpack

What to bring

Packing list

  • Outerwear that is windproof and water-resistant.
  • Woolen underwear and a thick middle layer like a down jacket or fleece/thick woolen sweater.
  • Good winter shoes that can withstand being in snow/wet snow.
  • Woolen socks.
  • Hat.
  • Mittens/gloves.
  • Buff/neck gaiter


  • Wool wear (found in all of our lobby shops) 
  • Culinary experience with a private chef in the Lavvo

Number of participants

1-8 persons

per guide