Kayak trip in Ålesund

Get up close and personal with the extraordinary, silent beauty of the canal.

There is something special about gliding quietly over the water, solely propelled by one's own arm strength and technique, with a closeness to the water that is rarely found unless you are immersed in it, swimming. With Ålesund as a starting point, it takes a lot of bad weather to prevent paddling, as we are well protected from the whims of the Atlantic Ocean between the Art Nouveau style houses and Brosundet streets. Let your own paddle strokes take you on an adventure.

Daily departure

1. july - 1. aug

Private trips all year


62°NORD Adventure hub Ålesund

Dronnings Sonjas Plass in Ålesund town


cap, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, water and windproof jacket jakke and pants, water og snacks.

cap, sunglasses, water and windproof jacket and pants