Creating a sustainable future from the best of our past.

We are committed to creating opportunities for local growth in a sustainable, multi-generational way.

The adventure of 62°NORD has a long history of social involvement in the region. The owners of Flakk Group who are avid and experienced travelers quickly realized that a travel and tourism project that could take advantage of the unique and special nature of Sunnmøre’s landscapes and remote terrain would be a fantastic way to give back to the local communities. 

Staying consistent with the Flakk Group values, traditions, and history 62ºNORD has become the embodiment of the family’s desire to create something sustainable and long-lasting, in the spirit of those who came before us and for the joy of those who come after us.


Protecting wildlife is our number one priority when traveling in nature. We want to create experiences that are both exciting and educational for our guests. Building knowledge of nature and the surrounding wildlife is our way to inspire our guests to take better care of our planet. Because if you love something, you will take better care of it. We are rooted in offering genuine, honest, and authentic experiences bringing our guests close to nature to wildlife that is living in peace in a natural way. Wildlife is such an important part of the ecosystem and they have the right to live their lives without being disturbed by humans. 

- We always follow strict rules and regulations to avoid disturbing wildlife, and we encourage our guests to do the same.

Recycling and waste management

All waste produced as part of our experiences is taken care of in environmentally conscious ways. 

- all waste is recycled
- oil and contaminated water from the engine compartment of our boats is collected in separate jugs which are delivered to specialized reception facilities.


To explore as environmentally friendly as possible we always choose the latest and most sustainable technology for our boats. We want to be at the forefront of developments and are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce our footprint: 

- all captains are educated in eco-driving
- capacity management to minimize the number of trips
- all boats have engines of new technology